NOVAFX lets businesses take a second look at collecting local payments.

Are you purchasing goods from overseas? Or are you selling products overseas? Even though they may be on two different sides of the coin, the requirements are remarkably similar. For global trade, an integrated payment system is essential. An integrated payment system can manage your receivables / payables, exchanges, invoices, and multi-currency accounts from a […]

Currency Exchanges Made Easy Thanks To NOVAFX

Currency exchange? When do people ever need that? Well the average person conducts at least two meaningful currency exchanges each year. Currency exchanges are actually quite common, its only the size of the exchange that varies. Understanding the events where currency exchanges are likely to occur can help save a lot of money over the […]

NOVAFX Plans To Bring Transparency and Cost Savings to Millions

NOVAFX Group Inc is the brainchild of Shan Madavan, a seasoned FX trader from Toronto who built a book of $3.2 million worth of FX transactions per year. Holding a strong conviction that the FX industry could benefit tremendously from transparency and digitalization. It was this belief that led him to develop NOVAFX, a fully integrated FX […]