NOVAFX lets businesses take a second look at collecting local payments.

Are you purchasing goods from overseas? Or are you selling products overseas? Even though they may be on two different sides of the coin, the requirements are remarkably similar. For global trade, an integrated payment system is essential. An integrated payment system can manage your receivables / payables, exchanges, invoices, and multi-currency accounts from a single point of contact.

What are your business requirements? Are you collecting Euros, British Pounds, or Australian Dollars? And are you exchanging them into U.S. Dollars and then Canadian Dollars in order to fund your business account in Canada? That is two exchanges at an average of 3%, therefore a total of 6% was lost on exchange fees alone. On a $50,000 payment you would have lost $3500. These are very substantial fees that can add up in the process of running your business.

What does NOVAFX propose for businesses? Imagine NOVAFX providing you with local accounts in the countries where you do business. We can set up a U.K. local account for your business to accept payments in British Pounds; and if you have a U.S. client, we can set up a U.S. local account for you to receive payments in U.S. Dollars. If you have clients in Europe, we will establish a local Euro account for you to receive payments from clients in countries such as Holland, Germany, and Italy.

In today’s changing market, it’s important to consolidate accounts into a centralized account that allows businesses to ensure growth, scale, and monitor risks. Therefore NOVAFX provides competitive exchange rates and a single point of contact to manage your foreign exchange exposure, vendor, supplier, and partner payments across the globe.

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NOVAFX lets businesses take a second look at collecting local payments.

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