Currency Exchanges Made Easy Thanks To NOVAFX

Currency exchange? When do people ever need that? Well the average person conducts at least two meaningful currency exchanges each year. Currency exchanges are actually quite common, its only the size of the exchange that varies. Understanding the events where currency exchanges are likely to occur can help save a lot of money over the long-term.


Look at it this way, when travelling abroad, foreign currency is a requirement. Individuals need to exchange their home currency into the currency of the country of destination. Often times people overlook this and just decide to initiate an exchange at their local bank, or even worse, at the airport. Bank rates are quite high but they pale in comparison to the sky high rates offered at most airports around the world. It would be wise to consult a currency exchange broker prior to travelling to make sure to get the best possible deal.

Buying a Vehicle or Boat from Abroad

There are plenty of individuals who look to purchase vehicles and/or boats in other countries. This is because it can be cheaper to source these big purchases from abroad, even after accounting for currency exchange rates. During the purchase, a currency exchange must take place and often times people just decide to pay through the company or agency that listed the vehicle. This is a big oversight because dealers and auction houses often apply an extra markup on the currency exchange when paying in a foreign currency.

NOVAFX found that most agencies marketing goods from abroad charged an extra 50% in currency exchange fees when initiating a payment transfer. Conducting the exchange with a broker like NOVAFX can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars in currency exchange fees and payment transfers.

Buying Foreign Property

Looking at buying a vacation property? Or an investment property that is out of the country? If that’s the case, a currency exchange is going to take place when paying to settle the deal. Most people don’t even think about this type of exchange because the currency exchange is usually handled by a bank or associated realtor. These are often the worst avenues that can be used to conduct an exchange, it would be much cheaper to work with an FX broker who can get the best possible price in the market and take care of the payment transfer free of charge.

When talking about real estate, prices are typically very high, the smallest variation in exchange rates can result in thousands of dollars. This is why it’s extremely important to get the best possible deal on exchanges and payment transfers. In this event, always contact a currency broker to be sure of your options.

NOVAFX Advantages

  • Unbeatable currency exchange rates
  • Lightning payment transfers
  • Payment tracking services
  • Ability to book great rates today for use in the future

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Currency Exchanges Made Easy Thanks To NOVAFX

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